tirsdag den 23. august 2016

Simple URL's give 404 on SKYPE for Business

Worked together with a customer today to troubleshoot a brand new deployed SKYPE for Business pool, with malfunctioning Simple URL's. Basically all simple URL's were defunct, both internally and via the reverse proxy, https://dialin.sipdomain.com gave 403 access denied, and all URL's with directiry name like https://meet.sipdomain.com/init or even https://ext-web.sipdomain.com/cscp all returned "Server Error" 404 errors.

After digging (a lot) about in the simple URL's, and doing certificate reapply's, iisreset's and a lot of other deadends i came to think of the IIS rewrite module installed during bootstrapper/ setup - so decided to give it a go - removed it from the add/remove, and the ran bootstrapper. And TADAA.. now everything was working like a charm again.

So process:

1. Go to add/ remove
2. Locate IIS rewrite 2.0 module - and select uninstall
3. Go to "SKYPE for Business server deployment wizard"
4. Run setup

No reboot neeeded (althoug removal of the module actually suggests it)

Happy SKYPE'ing

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