mandag den 11. januar 2016

Dec15 Patch causes Missed Call notifications to malfunction

Dec. 8. a security patch for LYNC / Skype for Business was released.

Initially MS released a KB about this patch causing video to stop working when recording meetings.

But it seems this patch also introduced another problem - i have now seen this at a handfull of customer sites - so not all are impacted.

Issue that occurs is that Missed Call Notifications simply stop working, everything is green, so EWS and MAPI status are ok - and it makes no difference if user is enabled for UM.

So far a tested solution is to remove this patch - but being a security patch - this is not really a perfect solution, bug has been submitted to Microsoft.

Issue seems to only occur when both of the following patches are installed

And resolution/ workaround is as follows - this has been tested at 3 different sites, with same effects

Problematic patches are


To make "Missed Call Notifications" work again:

1. Uninstall KB3114351
      2.  Reboot the computer
      4. Uninstall KB3101496
      5.  Reboot the computer

      Test Missed Calls

Happy SKYPE'ing

onsdag den 6. januar 2016

New Years patch for LYNC Server 2013

Happy New Year :) - 2016 kicks off with an early patch - for the issue where iOS devices could not join meetings from their device from outside the LYNC app.

Described in this KB:

At the same time a cumulative pathc for LYNC Server core components has been released with a long list of minor fixes and stability improvements.

To install the patches download and run the Cumulative Server update installer.
Remember to follow the instructions and do a stop-cswindowsservice before running the installer.

The Cumulative installer is found here:

The version number of this update is 5.0.8308.945. and it replaces the December cumulative update

Happy SKYPE'ing