torsdag den 24. september 2015

SKYPE For Business - UI BUG - Text size.


Today i discovered a rather funky "bug" in the Skype for Business client.

When the following is true:

  • Operating System is: Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
  • Office is 2013
  • Windows Update KB3054791 is installed (included in June 2015 Windows Update)
  • And a user changes the text size in screen preferences to 125%
When the user then makes a call transfer - the screen goes :

Yes thats right - it goes blank :)

The also rather funky fix i discovered was changing the DPI to a manual value of 126% instead of 125%

So go to Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Display and select "Set custom text size (DPI)"
I apologize for my screendump being in Danish - but I believe you get the picture :)

Bug has been submitted to MS - so lets hope for a hotfix - i have replicated the error i 3 environments till now.
Still.... HAPPY SKYPE'ing.

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