mandag den 27. juli 2015

Smart setup - not so smart afterall.


This Feature works now - just tested it wit ha fresh ISO - and tadaa.. the setup process is doing a "patching" step.

After deploying the first dozen of SKYPE for Business customers mostly Upgrades, but also a couple of greenfields - approximately the last half of them being done POST CU1 release - i finally decided to write this heads-up.
When announced the "Smart setup" sounded great - an exchange 2013-like feature securing that when deploying new servers, you always install the latest and greatest code instead of RTM.

Sadly this does not seem to be the case - YET :)

So when deploying SKYPE for Business - AND you choose to check for updates - still run the CU installer afterwards, to ensure your servers are up-to-date

So although doing:

And the result being:
 Server still needed updated code from cumulative installer.

So please remeber to keep your servers updated.
Still - Happy SKYPE'ing though.

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