mandag den 27. juli 2015

Smart setup - not so smart afterall.


This Feature works now - just tested it wit ha fresh ISO - and tadaa.. the setup process is doing a "patching" step.

After deploying the first dozen of SKYPE for Business customers mostly Upgrades, but also a couple of greenfields - approximately the last half of them being done POST CU1 release - i finally decided to write this heads-up.
When announced the "Smart setup" sounded great - an exchange 2013-like feature securing that when deploying new servers, you always install the latest and greatest code instead of RTM.

Sadly this does not seem to be the case - YET :)

So when deploying SKYPE for Business - AND you choose to check for updates - still run the CU installer afterwards, to ensure your servers are up-to-date

So although doing:

And the result being:
 Server still needed updated code from cumulative installer.

So please remeber to keep your servers updated.
Still - Happy SKYPE'ing though.

torsdag den 2. juli 2015

How to autohide the "Call Monitor" in SKYPE for Business

A fantastic new feature in my opinion - however still some customers wishes to disable it.
Quote MS:
"Skype for Business 2015 introduced the Call Monitor, which is a window that will be shown, if the main conversation window becomes hidden by other windows. From the Call Monitor you can mute or end the call and in a video call it will also show the video stream. This is a cool feature in itself, but often you need to get back to the conversation window for instance to check an IM or something similar. This is where it get's extra cool with the call monitor. If you double click in the area right to the photo and with the name and call timer, you will automatically get the conversation window shown."

So great feature right ?.

Still want to disable it - well no problem.

Just introduce this Registry Item and it will go away and stay away
Create new DWORD item named CallMonitorEnabled and give it value 0 (zero)

Also worth noting you can actually control the position on the screen - but stay within pixel range of the monitor please :)
Happy SKYPE'ing

onsdag den 1. juli 2015

Call Transfer Bug i LYNC/ SKYPE4b 4727.1001

Recently i discovered a bug at a client site, and replicated it in my lab - and it seems to be consistent.
Sorry about some of my dumps being in Danish, i did not change language when recreating the error - and prioritized this article over language in the dumps. :)

When you use the "Team Call Group" feature - and you want to transfer a call - the members of the Team Call Group will automatically show on top of the "Transfer call to" list in LYNC and SKYPE for Business client, very nice feature

However if you are running 4727.1001 - the LYNC/ SfB client - where the GUI depends on the clientpolicy setting "EnableSkypeUi $True"
This transfer will fail- the client wont even try to forward the call - but if instead you search for the same person manually it transfers fine.

So members that you add here:
Will show up on top when selecting transfer here:

And then nothing happens.
After changing the policy on the server (Requires CU5 on LYNC 2013 server)
set-csclientpolicy -enableskypeUI $True

The the client restarts and is now running SKYPE for Business.

And then the feature works perfectly